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Following data pipeline principles, (right data from the right person at the right time)

Hyperchain augments order book information, classical event milestones and real time dynamic data telling you exactly what is in the container, when it left the port, where it is, what delays may occur, and a prediction of when it will arrive at destination.

Introducing the platform

Simple and Intuitive

Hyperchain has been designed and built with a friendly ecommerce experience for users, to simplify the experience, providing a process data driven platform that is easy to adopt and breaks away from spreadsheets.

Plug and Play

No need for new hardware, detailed training or complicated tutorials. Hyperchain is a software interface that sits on your desktop. It is simple and intuitive to use and all required information is available in real time at the click of a button.

Intelligent Visibility

Features of the application

Supply chain visibility
Combining actions within the supply chain, from placing the purchase order, milestone event reporting, dynamic updates of transportation through to delivery. Hyperchain provides predictive indicators enabling proactive procedures and planning

Supplier collaboration
Precise information and management of tasks for all required shipping components from multiple vendors, providing a single source of truth.

Data quality management
Collated information in one place at any time from all supply chain partners. Total visibility of all required data.

Freight spend management
With greater visibility and real time information on all components budgeting for freight spend can be streamlined.

Innovative financing
With detailed data of supply chain, working capital can be apportioned more accurately.

Intelligent control
Continually monitor demand and supply signals in real time.

Let’s make it happen 

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